CR Machine glassblowing tools. The Nickelite TM product line was CR Machine's first success. Since 1998, CR Machine still produces the Worlds finest glassblowing tools. Through uncompromising use of the advanced materials, Nickelite TM tools are strong and light.


CR Machine motorized bicycle parts. High performance racing cylinder heads, Top End Kits, Complete Engines & Spare Parts. Home of the Fred Head - often copied, but never duplicated. CR Machine is dedicated to the development and refinement of the Chinese 2 stroke motorized bicycle engine, affectionately called the "China Girl"

CR Machine

CR Machine Motorized Bicycle Parts



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Where the pros go

CR Machine simply makes the highest quality products in the industry. CR Machine is a lean company that focuses on one thing: The highest quality possible and value for your dollar. I do not waste resources on fanciful advertising campaigns. Here, you get the good stuff, and that's why so many pros in the industry use our products. Our products are built to last, not break. Yes, that means that I do not enjoy repeat orders for that same thing that breaks again and again, but I strongly believe that this is the right thing to do