CR Machine

Here is a list of good products that I do not sell, but I consider them good and relevant. I will provide links to these products whenever possible. Through time, I will add to this list.

China Girl Lovers Club: I started this facebook group several years ago and somewhat accidentally turned it into a "secret group". Well, anyway's it's out there. Members are typically a highly accomplished group of hardcore enthusiasts. I like to make posts about my next build or about some of the strange defects I encounter and what I have to do to make everything OK.

CR Machine customers in good standing are encouraged to join and share the products of their hard work with minimal criticism from others. You could also get some valuable help there from a number of other members. In the CGLC, you will get an inside look into the world of these not so perfect but well loved bicycle engines! It's also my personal motorized bicycle hangout. You will have to ask me to admit you to the group before you can see or make posts. 

Drive chain:

JBM Cycle chains, www.jbmcycle.com is a good source for KTM chain. Available in nickel plated. No half links in this store however.

Exhaust parts/ Treatland:

Well, if you don't know about Treatland, it's about time you did. These folks specialize in 2 stroke moped parts, and you will find many high performance parts here that can be used for your race bike, including badass axhaust parts. www.treatland.tv

Reed valve motors:

Dave Rust is a personal friend and colleague of mine and is considered one of the masters at his craft. He specializes in reed valve type motors and other parts, like the famous "snake pipe". www.arrowmotorizedcycles.com

Stock engine kits, PK-80 47X40(boreXstroke), type A piston.

These two vendors have access to excellent quality stock PK-80 type engines. Good quality components with these engines.



Tires, heavy duty:

Heavy duty tires are a must for a motorized bicycle. The "NOLA" tire, manufactured by the Vee Rubber company in Thailand makes this tire for the pedicabs in New Orleans. These tires are heavier duty than your average bicycle tire. Look for these tires on eBay. Use search words like "nola vee rubber bicycle tires" and I'm sure you will find some.

Wheels, heavy duty:

Husky sells heavy duty bicycles and wheels. A good source to know about.


Wheel bearing grease:

Finish Line high performance wheel bearing grease.

Wheel bearings on motorized bicycles endure extreme stresses. The best wheel bearing grease is a must. After trying several other greases and having subsequent bearing failures, the finish line grease is the winner: no more wheel bearing troubles!


Wheel hub adapters:

B&S machine is the authorized manufacturer of the famous "manic mechanic" motorized bicycle parts. Their prices are reasonable and they are made in the USA.